Until 17 December


  Left: 'Dream', Marble, 2011  Right: 'Host' Jelly and talc, 2011 

We are delighted to present 'INCARNATE': an installation of the sculptural work of Nick Turvey in our gallery space, to run concurrently with the theatre production of JUDGEMENT DAY.

Nick Turvey graduated in 2006 with an MA from the Royal College of Art in London. Since then he has exhibited his sculpture internationally, and won a number of large public commissions. In 2008 he received a bursary from the Royal British Society of Sculptors, in 2009 an award from Arts Council England, and in 2010 the Brian Mercer Award for Stonecarving. His work demonstrates a restless intelligence, influenced by having previously trained as an architect, followed by fifteen years primarily working with film.

"I like cartoons, physics, parasites, shampoo advertisements, Samuel Beckett. It amazes me to be consciousness, in a body. I make objects to try and understand that, using materials like a composer uses different musical instruments.

It seems to me that we understand and locate ourselves in the world primarily through a mapping or projection of our bodies, and that most of what we think of as mind is actually body. Thinking is largely feeling, 'wet-ware'. My sculpture aims to physically engage the viewer with that process of consciousness emerging from structure and pattern, and examines how embodiment in flesh then shapes identity, probing the roles that the body plays in myth, propaganda, fetish and ritual.

The 'Incarnate' series began with questions about how the physical materials of the human body relate to character, as in the medieval idea of 'humours', since personalities are clearly born, inherited, and most of our actions are largely automatic. Meanwhile, that desperate tyrant, the self, fabulates wildly, attempting to impose its narrative. The feeling grows that, in some sense, the physical body is also a trap, a prison, in which we dream about the inevitable, impossible escape. We are both gaoler and prisoner, a blackly comic state of affairs."


INCARNATE will run until 17 December and admission is free.

For more information, please contact the theatre on 020 7221 6036.


SPECIAL EVENT - Q&A with Nick Turvey

Monday 5 December, 6.30pm

Join us for a special Q&A session in the gallery space, where Nick Turvey will be in conversation with Dr Tom Flynn, to discuss his process, work and his most recent exhibition: Incarnate

Dr Tom Flynn is a London-based art historian, lecturer, writer and critic with a specialist interest in sculpture history, who founded The Sculpture Agency in 2009 to promote the critical appreciation of contemporary sculpture. 

This event is free, and will be followed by a complimentary drinks reception.