‘the audience’s attention was rapt … there’s a sort of religious wonder to it all’ – 4*s, Theatre Bubble

‘It’s a piece that speaks of being locked in and limited, of isolation and sanitation, objectification and fascination’ – 3*s, WhatsOnStage

‘Delicate and subtle … modest and metaphorical’ – telerama

‘The visual result is very successful’ – Libération

‘[Sandrine Buring] develops a very subtle interpretation of what could be a connection to the radically ‘other’ world’ – Inferno Magazine

On Buring’s and Olry’s artistic vision: 
‘With different mediums … they each carry out their human investigations, with no thought for boxes or borders.’ – Sceneweb

Interview with Buring and Olry:
‘These children are very alive and lively, and that is very, very beautiful’ – Le Changeur

Interview with Olry, Corine Miret and Bernadette Marthelot:
’I think London is a very interesting place to work … There is a spirit of freedom and for us it is a kind of liberation’ – Theatre of Europe