A festival of Beckett’s prose on stage featuring theatre, music and visual art.  

May 17 – June 5 2016. 

The End

by Samuel Beckett

Following their hugely successful run of Title and Deed by Will Eno at the Print Room last year, Gare St Lazare Ireland return with a festival of their acclaimed Beckett productions.  

Directed & designed by Judy Hegarty Lovett

Performed by Conor Lovett

Lighting by Simon Bennison

This short story sees an elderly man expelled from an institution of care and left to fend for himself in a largely hostile world.  Exquisitely detailed and with a sublime ending, it is a fine balancing of the tragic and the comic.  

At this stage, having seen nearly all of their profoundly moving interpretations of Beckett, all attempts at restrained objectivity go out the window. Conor Lovett has refined his technique and his empathy to a degree, which surely makes him one of the world’s leading interpreters of the work.”  Sunday Independent


First Love

by Samuel Beckett

Directed & Designed by Judy Hegarty Lovett

Performed by Conor Lovett

Lighting by Simon Bennison

First Love is a short story from the same period as The End.  A man recounts an episode early in his adulthood where, having been expelled from the family home, he meets a young woman on a bench.  In order to rid himself of his infatuation with her he moves in with her.  This is a perfect blend of Beckettian perversity and an inspired twist on the love story.  

“Lovett’s supreme funny performance is such a pleasing triumph because the gallows humour emerges so organically.”  New York Times.

First Love and The End in a double bill

Double bill ticket prices £40 & £35

 Performances 7:30pm on Friday 27 May and Friday 3 June

First Love Single performances

Performances 7:30pm on Tuesday 18 May, Thursday 26 May, Thursday 2 June

The End Single Performances

Performances 7:30pm on Monday 17 May, Tuesday 24 May, Tuesday 31 May

Tickets £27 & £22