“One of the (Rubicon Theater) BeckettFest’s crown jewels is the American permier of Conor Lovett’s justly acclaimed “The Beckett Trilogy.” Compiled by Lovett and his director (and wife), Judy Hegarty Lovett, this extraordinary performance turns Beckett’s notoriously impenetrable novels into a seamless and surprisingly accessible – albeit lengthy – monologue that never falters.”  Philip Brandes, Los Angeles Times, 2004.

“One could hardly come up with a better human instrument to intone the sonorous waves of Samuel Beckett’s blasphemous comic prose than Conor Lovett. Lean, unassumingly masculine and blessed with a voice like a cello, the Irish actor exudes a gentle humanity that can recede at will into an existential blankness.  Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times, 2006.