Christine Dixie
Christine Dixie (b. 1966) is a South African artist whose training in printmaking has extended into installation. Her work is intent on drawing the viewer into a mesmeric yet disquieting space. A deceptively calm surface is disrupted by an undercurrent, a counter-narrative that threatens to disrupt a tenuous vision of logic and stability.

She received an internationally competitive Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship, which she used to research and develop the content of her current project, To Be King.

Thus far To Be King has been exhibited at the South African National Arts Festival, 2014; in Vienna in May 2015 as part of the Weiner Festwochen exhibition U/Tropia (curator Brent Meistre); Cape Town Art Fair, Sulger-Buel Lovell 2015; Personal Structures hosted by the European Cultural Centre and the GAAF in Venice 2017.

Mark Wilby                         Video Editor
Samantha Munro              Animation Sequencing
Junitha Els                           Costume Design
Jared Lang                           Vocal Composition
Lotta Matambo                 Voice
Corinne Cooper                 Sound Composition and Engineering
Lunga Heleni                      Recording Studio Assistant