Coronet International Festival

25 October – 29 November


Print Room at the Coronet presents an ambitious five-week festival of art from across the globe, spanning genres and defying expectations. Over 35 days the venue will host theatre, art, circus, dance and poetry with over 50 artists from 12 countries, celebrating great work, without borders, without agenda and without restriction.

A Guided Tour of the Exhibition: For Soprano with Handbag

1 – 4 November South African artist William Kentridge, renowned for his animated expressionist drawings and films exploring time and the…

To Be King

1 – 4 Nov In To Be King, the painting Las Meninas is re-contextualised against a South African backdrop


7 – 11 Nov The Coronet introduces six Korean artists whose urgent, compelling work explores identity and image through a…

Narrative Poem

10 Nov A spellbinding performance combining poetry, dance and live music from the world’s most influential and innovative Chinese poet Yang Lian.

The World of Yesterday

13 – 15 November Laurent Seksik‘s adaptation of Stefan Zweig‘s captivating autobiography.


21 – 23 November The Coronet presents an evening of new dance pieces juxtaposing the distinctive styles of three extraordinary…


25 & 26 November A theatrical journey through the work of renowned director, poet and writer Pier Paolo Pasolini, directed by Antonio…

Hannah and Martin

27 – 29 November Based on the true story of the secret love affair between a Jewish philosopher and her…