Winter’s Tales

Winter’s Tales

Print Room at the Coronet Little Writers Competition

The winners of the Winter’s Tales storytelling competition are Woody Mason and Skye Boss! See their competition entries below: 

Skye Boss, The Day at the Citrus 

Once upon a time, there was a castle and in it lived Queen Nonna with her grandchildren, princess Zaccai, prince Zadok, prince Phillip, prince Andrew and princess Skye. Now our story begins, the children have just woken up to the sweet smell of waffles and fruit. They bounded out of bed and run downstairs where cook and Queen Nonna, were waiting for them. They jumped up on their chairs and saw something unusual; their waffles and fruit were shaped like Circus animals doing tricks, “We are going to the Circus today!” Nonna said.

The Children were so excited, they gobbled up their waffles and ran outside to have a quick visit with the magic willow tree. Now, I know what you’re thinking, is that just what the children called it? No, it truly was magical. This willow tree had doors that led to rooms full of wonderful things; tea time snacks, costumes and friendly birds. The children had to climb all the way to the top to reach the door to the birds. Once there, they opened the door and climbed up a ladder to find the birds and their little chicks. These baby blue birds hatched in the spring and were now learning to fly. After checking on the birds, they climbed down the ladder and the branches to find a large carriage waiting for them.

As they got into the carriage, the magic trees’ leaves waved goodbye. When they arrived at the circus, Nonna said she forgot something and for the driver to take the kids safely to their seats. When the show began, they could not see Nonna anywhere, when suddenly, there she was training a lion. It was amazing! The royal children saw clowns juggling fire, elephant’s climbing on top of each other and some acrobats. It was incredible! And they ate so much circus candy that they each had a tummy ache.

After the show, the ringmaster came up to them and said “A lion cub has gone missing and we need your help!” they hurried backstage to help and even though they looked everywhere they could not find that baby cub. Suddenly, they heard a rawr, rawr coming from up on the roof. They looked up and saw a little tail from the top window. They climbed a ladder to bring the cub safely down to her mother. The ringmaster thanked them for their help.  

They were so tired from their big day that they fell asleep on the way home. Once they got home they had a delicious dinner of macaroni and cheese. Nonna and the children cuddled by the fireplace and fell right to sleep dreaming of what they might do tomorrow, for that day truly had been magical.


Woody Mason – My Life in the UK 










As part of our Winter’s Tales storytelling festival, children in Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 were invited to enter an original short story into our Little Writers Competition. The story could be on any subject, and must fit on one A4 page. Handwritten and typed entries will be accepted. For each group, a first prize and a runner-up prize will be awarded. All winning stories will be published here, on our website. Prize winners will receive books from Lutyens & Rubinstein, a chocolate goody-bag and a signed certificate.


Winter’s Tales will see famous names take to the main stage to read their favourite tales. Over two weeks, a different performer will appear each evening to read a story of their choosing.

Winter’s Tales line-up:
Mel Giedroyc – Wednesday 6 Dec, 6.00pm
Emeli Sandé – Thursday 7 Dec, 2.00pm
Penelope Wilton – Friday 8 Dec, 2.00pm
Ben Okri – Saturday 9 Dec, 6.00pm
Toby Stephens – Sunday 10 Dec, 6.00pm
Tom Hollander – Tuesday 12 Dec, 6.00pm
Shappi Khorsandi – Monday 18 Dec, 2.00pm
Jamie Glover – Monday 18 Dec, 6.00pm






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