Howard Barker Rehearsed Readings

Howard Barker Rehearsed Readings

To accompany the stage premiere of In the Depths of Dead Love, Print Room at the Coronet presents rehearsed readings of Howard Barker’s new work in our studio space.

Tickets are £5.


Irrespective & Critique of Pure Feeling

Directed by Hanna Berrigan
Saturday 28 January, 5pm


Ism: Gerrard McArthur
Nous: Hugh Fraser

Critique of Pure Feeling
Maisnon: Melanie Jessop
Sed: Richard Cotton
Vagrant: Paul Joseph


More No Still

Directed by Howard Barker and Hanna Berrigan
Saturday 4 February, 5pm

Narrator: Oliver Bennett
Jane Sway (An Expert in Appearances): Suzy Cooper
Roman Canopy (An Influential Philosopher): Gerrard McArthur
Tom Boxx (An Insane Murderer): Liam Smith
Mrs (A Dead Mother): Melanie Jessop
Knee (A Doomed Exhibitionist): Oliver Bennett
Rabble: Paul Joseph / Melanie Jessop