Terminal 3 and Act

01 – 30 June 2018
Coronet Presents 

Terminal 3 and Act

by Lars Noren

Translated from the Swedish by Marita Lindholm Gochman

A double bill of short plays from Swedish master-playwright Lars Norén, Terminal 3 and Act are fearless inquiries of time, mortality and power. Deceptively simple and darkly funny they contain just enough humour to make their questions bearable.

Terminal 3 

“I wonder what they’re doing here…The couple sitting over there.”

In a hospital, a young couple await the birth of their first child. In the same space, an estranged middle-aged couple wait to identify the body of their dead son. Terminal 3 is a dream-like exploration of loss; a ghost story for the living.



“I’ve brought him up to be a good and loyal citizen….I hope he’ll never treat me with the kind of brutality and cruelty that you’re showing your father.”

In an examination room in Germany, a male doctor assesses a female prisoner, accused of terrorism and now on hunger strike. Act is a prescient interrogation of faith, conscience and atrocity.

1st, 2nd and 4th June: 7.30pm  
5th June: 7pm 
6th – 9th June: 7.30pm
11th – 16th June: 7.30pm
18th – 23rd June: 7.30pm
25th – 30th June: 7.30pm 


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