5 Stars


“Barker at its best and directed brilliantly by Gerrard McArthur. Ninety minutes of faultless performances by a cast of Jane Berthish, William Chubb, James Clyde and Stella Gonet.”
Notting Hill Post


5 Stars


“Both whimsical and brutal, McArthur’s vision is remarkable, and it will stay with you long after you leave the theatre..”
Live Theatre UK


5 Stars


“This is a superb production, a play I can’t stop thinking about. I’m going again.”
Plays to See


4 Stars


“High accolades for Director Gerrard McArthur, his love of Barker’s text shines through; Justin Nardella for such a trance-like set design; Lighting Designer Adrian Sandvaer, I can still see the glow emanating from the well; Sound Designer Ed Lewis, for the creak of the gate – all creatives with clarity and imagination to ensure the success of this highly inventive piece.”


“Memorably hypnotic and beautifully wrought.”


“Directed by Gerrard McArthur, this production features a good cast and there is often beauty in Barker’s language.”
West End Wilma


What Audiences Think

“A beautifully written play well suited to such an intimate venue… Very well acted, this was a pleasure to watch.”

“In a word, exquisite.”

“Hugely enjoyable. Masterfully written and performed. I loved the humour, the complexities that arise out of a simple setting and cast. Amazing dialogue – rich with wit and tension.”

“totally compelling and exciting”

“An outstanding emotional thriller”

“A thought-provoking and very funny play”



Read Howard Barker’s interview for The Guardian with Mark Lawson (online version available here) :

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